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Spicy Asian Noodle Salad

½ package thin Buckwheat Soba Noodles
½ cup green onion
10 pieces tofu (optional)
1 stalk celery, chopped
½ cup Carrots (optional)
½ cup Mung bean sprouts
½ cup raw almonds, chopped
½ cup red pepper, chopped
4 tablespoons sesame oil, 2 tablespoons Bragg® Aminos, ¼ tablespoon hot chili oil
Cook the noodles, drain, and rinse in cold water.
Mix the Sesame oil, Bragg® Aminos, and hot chili oil. Add the dressing to the noodles and toss well. Cover and chill for several hours or overnight. Just prior to serving, stir in the vegetables, and top off with the almonds.

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