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During the meal at home

Eating slowly.
One of the important and efficacy for weight loss is eating slowly. For what reason?  The hypothalamus - the brain mechanism that responsible for the feeling of fullness, begins to work about 20 minutes after the meal.
How can I get used to eating slower? Set timer to 20 seconds for each bite.

The size of the plates.
Studies show that reducing the size of the plates reduced the food rations. My recommendation: start using smaller plates.

Salad / vegetables.
Start your meal with salad or vegetables, and then eat the rest of the meal. Vegetables contain a large amount of water and fiber.
The result: The stomach is filled with low-calorie foods.

Eat at the table - not at computer or watching TV.
Research has proven that you eat more when eating is not the only action (For example in front of the TV). Give respect to your food, which means not eating while watching television, talking on the phone or reading a newspaper.

 Do not stop eating when you feel full (and release the belt ...).
 Stopped eating earlier, after you feel about 75% full.

The cutlery can help us reduce caloric intake.
You should put the cutlery on the table between the bites; it will help you to feel a sense of satiety after consumption of fewer calories.

You should drink a small sip of water between the bites.
In this way you both filled with water instead of calories, and "waste" a little more time until we feel a sense of satiety.

Eat only from your plate (for example: not from your children’s plate…).

Try to avoid nuts

 You should wear tighter clothes. After eating a smaller amount of food you feel "full”.

Water before the meal.
As we know, water essential to dieting. You should drink water before the meal, so start the meal "more full".

Whole grains.
You should prefer whole grains like brown rice, oats, buckwheat, etc. These grains contribute to a feeling of fullness through reduced consumption of calories.

Use healthy oils – olive oil, coconut oil

You can add vegetables instead of cheese, and save calories. Alternatively, you can reduce the amount of cheese, or use a low calorie cheese.

Pasta red sauce
Choose tomato-based sauce instead of cream-based sauce. These sauces usually contain fewer calories and less fat.

Eat at home.
Eat your most meals at home.
U.S. studies have found that people for whom home cooking was a hobby are people who managed to lose weight.

Dessert? Wait 20 minutes.
This trick also based on physiological understanding of the body takes about 20 minutes to feel satisfied. When still feel hungry at the end of the meal, especially when you want something sweet, it is important to wait 20 minutes from the end of the meal and then check again whether you are still hungry.

Popcorn is a low-calorie dessert if we use a hot air machine (1 cup = 30 calories).
In my opinion, the best method for making the popcorn is this popcorn machine.

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