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Suppression of hunger

Pressure point.
According to Chinese medicine, there is a pressure point that controls hunger and clicking the point is supposed to suppress hunger. The point is adjacent to ear at the jaw.

When you feel hungry you can chew. Sometimes, when hunger is not real, chewing gum can help.

3 meals.
Instead of eating 3 large meals a day, you can eat a larger number of small meals every 3 hours. The goal is to prevent the feeling of hunger that can lead to great gluttony

Try not to be bored. When we do, we tend to eat more.

General Tips

Don't eat if you are not hungry.

Eat to live, not do live to eat.

Negative calories.
Eat negative calories foods (more calories to digest than consumed)
List of Negative calorie Foods (Alphabetical Order):

Negative Calorie Vegetables:
Beet Root
Celery Chicory
Hot Chili
Garden cress
Green Beans Lettuce

Negative Calorie Fruits:
Grapefruit Honeydew
Peach Pineapple

Exercise is essential for weight loss
It's nothing new, but exercise is probably the most important predictor of whether you will succeed at long term weight.

Enjoy your favorite foods
You can enjoy your favorite foods, but you must do so in moderation.

Eat protein at every meal.
Protein is more satisfying than fats or carbohydrates.
“Diets higher in protein [and] moderate in crabs, along with a lifestyle of regular exercise, have an excellent potential to help weight loss," says University of Illinois protein researcher Donald Layman, PhD.

Healthy snacks to bag.
Like what? Low-calorie energy bars, dried fruit, fresh fruit, rice cakes or personal pretzels.

Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress.
Sooner or later, you're going to be faced with a stressful situation. Instead of turning to food for comfort, be prepared with some non-food tactics (reading a book, writing in a journal, listening to music or looking at a TV show) that work for you.

low-fat dairy products
Moved to low-fat dairy products, For example: milk 3% instead of 5%, or cheese  3% /5% instead of 9% or even 30%.

Eat low-calorie soups (preferably at the beginning of the meal). They will help you to feel a sense of satiety. Especially recommended are based on vegetables or chicken.

Gradual changes are best for losing weight
Small changes are easier to stick with than drastic ones. Start by always leaving a little extra on your plate, or drinking water instead of other drinks (like juice).

Tuna in water is better than tuna in oil (that contains more calories).

Spices - Spices cause a feeling of satiety faster it will strengthen the flavors.

 When preparing chicken, you should clean the skin.

When you lie in bed made sure to have a rest as much as possible. This will reduce your desire to get up and get food.

You can keep a diary, which shall specify that all you ate that day, you should also specify the food. With registration and tracking, you can find yourself eating more than you think.

Keep about 8 hours sleep a night. So profit is threefold: good sleep speeds up your metabolism, you will regularly sleep modes fatigue which increases impulse snacks, plus you will be aware of fewer hours (meaning less hours which you can eat). There is an American study conducted at the University of Michigan found that additional bedtime each night will help you shed body weight 7 kg per year, based on daily intake of 2,500 calories. In addition, there evidence for an appetizing little changed and causes a feeling of hunger.

Do not eat for at least 3 hours before bed

Brush your teeth.
It is recommended to brush your teeth after every meal. The goal is to prevent further eating.

Experts say that breakfast is the most important meal. If you miss it you will start to look for all kinds of snacks and consume more calories.

I suggest you wait and not be weighed too frequently. Very frustrating to get on and see and discover that you lost only 20 grams. Let amounts accumulate, consider once a week.

When you feel tiredness and weakness should replace the coffee you intended to make something else, such as low-fat yogurt, which will buy you a feeling of satiety.

Allow yourself ,sometimes, to indulge ice cream homemade

Green tea.
Drinking green tea can help in the process of slimming. Studies have found that green tea can increase calorie burning by the body it contains active ingredients called Akteachinim.

Processed food.
Reduce processed foods .It is less helpful to your diet. Sample preparation is quick rice usually less well than regular rice.

Buy a pair of pants or a cool shirt in the size you want to reach with your diet. Hang up the clothing where you must see it every day

Small meal.
If you feel hungry and website methods book did not help, eat a small meal.

Desirable to have a energy bar, fruit, dried fruit or crackers in the bag.
Why? Hunger occurs during the fall sugar body which puts stress leads to overeating, and 80 calories of apple or a snack will be nothing compared to the calories you eat.

Do not eat sweet in the morning.
Why? Eating sugars or crabs with high glycemic index (for example cereals high in sugar and low in fiber, pastries, white bread, juice, etc.) makes the hunger.

When you do this early in the morning, do not be surprised if you eat during the day.

Do not put enemies home!
Why? Everyone has food that he could not resist: Chocolate, cake or ice cream. Do yourself a favor and place it home.

Long day outdoors is a known obstacle to the success of the diet. preparing sandwiches in the morning, hold us all day long, is a solution appropriate to every diet .

Soak beans.
Beans are healthy foods that can fit in great on any diet. The main problem is the need to prepare beans soaks them in water for at least 12 hours in advance. My trick is to soak up and  divided in small doses after soaking, and freeze until the next use.

Put a sign on the refrigerator doors: "Closed after Dinner."

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