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Calorie traps

Sugar-free products.

Avoid sugar-free products; sugar substitutes are harmful as (maybe even more!) Sugar, as well as they usually contains the most serious amounts of fat.

Fruit or vegetables.
Vegetables are. Unlike vegetables, fruits contain more sugar, and therefore more calories.

Pickled fruits or sweet fruits.
Pickled fruits do not contain less sugar.

You should minimize alcohol intake, since alcohol is very rich in calories.

Mayonnaise or mustard.
If you can, you should replace the mayonnaise with mustard. Mustard has less
than a third of the amount of calories.

Despite the good image of cornflakes, most types are rich in sugars, and calories.

Homemade hummus is a low fat percentage. However Bought hummus contains about 30% fat.

Despite the image of their health - natural juices contain much sugar. Therefore, avoid juices or limited the amount and preferred drinking water.
You can add lemon, mint, or frozen fruit to the water to improve taste.

When you drink fresh juices, thin them with water. That will reduce the amount of calories a cup.

Before you buy products at the supermarket check out their nutritional value. For example, if you see the sugar at the top, you should know that the largest component of the product is sugar.

Innocent-looking snack can contain even 500 calories!

Very simple: When you're hungry - do not approach a supermarket!

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